Invisalign Costs

We are glad to hear that you have completed your Invisalign® treatment. You’ve worked so hard to get this new smile. If you don’t wear a retainer regularly, your teeth will slowly move back to being too close together. Follow the instructions of Dr. Harris, a Platinum Invisalign® provider.
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What Is The Cost Of Invisalign® Clear Aligner?

The Invisalign® cost may depend upon the severity of your unique case. Being a platinum Invisalign® provider Dr. Harris has addressed so many orthodontic cases, & offers his Invisalign® clear aligner treatment at what we believe is one of the most affordable costs in Phoenix.

For the Invisalign® treatment, we provide payments for as low as $145 a month. Inexpensive teeth straightening treatment fee, especially when you consider getting the treatment from a Platinum level Invisalign® Provider in Phoenix.

Clear Aligner Payment Options

Dr. Harris offers in-house payment choices & interest-free financing plans exclusively for his patients. It just takes a bank or credit card to begin the Invisalign® treatment. We offer a budget that does not prevent you from getting the straight teeth & dental care you deserve.


Ask your dental insurance provider if they cover your orthodontic treatment, then we help make up for your treatment cost. Visit our dental office in Phoenix or give a call to our financial team for more details. But we suggest you first schedule a free consultation to know if Invisalign® is right for you.

Get A Self-Care With Invisalign

Invisalign® is a tempting choice compared to braces. Getting a beautiful smile using an orthodontic treatment in Phoenix, AZ, in less time is worth it because you are doing it for yourself & you deserve a smile that boosts your confidence.
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You shouldn't have to live with a smile you don’t love. If you’re uncomfortable with the appearance of your teeth or worried about your oral health, it’s time for some self-care.

At BCR Dentistry in Phoenix, AZ, our general, restorative, and cosmetic dentistry team will meet with you to discuss your goals. From there, we'll customize a treatment plan that will help give you the smile you deserve. Don’t let self-consciousness or anxiety keep you down any longer, let our team of experts care for you!

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