Invisalign® Instructions

We are glad to hear that you have completed your Invisalign® treatment in Phoenix, AZ. You’ve worked so hard to get this new smile. If you don’t wear a retainer regularly, your teeth will slowly move back to being too close together. Follow the instructions of Dr. Harris, a Platinum Invisalign® provider.
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  1. Placing your aligners requires the use of your fingers. Place the aligners over your front teeth first, then gently press the aligner over your molars with your fingertips. Ideally, when the aligners are fitted correctly, they will fit comfortably on the teeth, leaving no space between the aligners and the teeth. For the first two weeks, aligners will be too tight, but they will be comfortable with time.
  2. Unless you’re flossing, brushing, or eating, remove your aligners. When consuming hot liquids like coffee or tea, it’s advisable to take out your aligners first.
  3. Removing the aligner is simple. Peel it off your back teeth one at a time, then lift it up and away from your front ones. When your aligners are not worn, store them in the case we provided.
  4. Using a toothbrush and toothpaste, brush the aligners.
  5. As a general rule, you should wear your aligners for two weeks at a time unless our office specifically instructs you otherwise.


  1. Place your aligners on a clean surface only. This is how many aligners have ended up in landfills.
  2. If you have pets, don’t put your aligners where your animals can access them. A pet’s saliva is drawn to Invisalign® trays and would enjoy gnawing on them!
  3. Do not clean your aligners using Denture Cleaner, Alcohol, or Bleach.
  4. Neither hot nor warm water should be used on your aligners.
  5. You should avoid chewing gum when using aligners.
  6. While wearing aligners, you should avoid smoking. Smoke can discolor both your teeth and your aligners.

Consult Dr. Haris to know more about the post-op treatment of Aligners. To schedule an appointment, visit our website today.

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