5 Signs You Have Cracked Teeth

by | Oct 20, 2022 | Dental Care

Imagine you are having an amazing meal and suddenly experience tingling in your mouth. This is a sign that you might have cracked teeth. Tooth fractures, if not treated properly, lead to fatal consequences, and in some cases, you might need to extract your teeth. Discover the top 5 signs, which will make you understand that you might have cracked teeth. 

What Is A Cracked Tooth?

Often referred to as cracked tooth syndrome (CTS), a cracked tooth tends to appear in your mouth for several reasons. Sometimes the crack might be small and harmless. However, if it is not treated properly, this would eventually lead to drastic changes in your oral health. You will start experiencing toothache and discomfort around your gums largely. In such situations, orthodontists tend to prefer the administration of a root canal treatment, which helps in protecting the crack from spreading. In severe situations, when the crack reaches the gum line, tooth extraction is the only solution for you. 

What Causes Cracked Teeth?

A varied number of reasons induce cracked teeth:

  • Due to the excessive grinding of teeth, you might experience cracked teeth. 
  • In case of physical injury, like accidents, or while playing, you might end up cracking your teeth. 
  • If you have done a dental filling recently, its large existing filling might end up winning the entire tooth structure largely, This eventually leads to cracked teeth largely. 

5 Signs That You Have Cracked Teeth

Pain during chewing or biting

While having food, one might experience slight pain in their teeth, which is an indication that they might be fractured. Even when you are exposed to extremes of temperature, you might experience tooth pain largely. 

Inconsistent pain 

If you have cracked teeth, it is most likely that the pain will not be constant, it will be sporadic. Cracked teeth are not supposed to have chronic pain, but occasional pain, especially if you eat or talk. 


Imagine having ice cream, and you feel a sudden tingle in your teeth. This is a clear indication that you might have a fractured tooth and requires urgent attention. 


Around the gum line, infections are found to be very common. However, if the infection is not treated properly, it leads to cracks in teeth, which is worse. 

Discomfort around teeth and gums 

It is quite obvious that if you have cracked teeth, you are likely to experience discomfort around your teeth and gums. This is another spit sign of tooth decay, which equally needs urgent attention. 

How To Treat Cracked Teeth? 

It is a known fact that a cracked tooth will not heal on its own. However, some of the home remedies in the initial phase include rinsing with warm water for cleaning your mouth. Also, using a cold compress on the cheeks is also considered suitable. You will require urgent assistance in case of a cracked tooth. Apart from this, if the situation of your teeth is severe, you will require a root canal treatment or even a dental crown to protect the crack from spreading any further. Thus, from this viewpoint, it can be well presumed that treating cracked teeth is important, for it might lead to spreading, which will affect your gums largely. 

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